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Denver area tenants and buyers have trusted and relied on Wray & Associates to be the brokerage firm who holds their best interests at the forefront of any commercial real estate decisions.   Wray & Associates is a seasoned commercial real estate brokerage firm with 30 years of commercial real estate experience now specializing in office and industrial tenant/buyer representation in Denver, Colorado. Wray & Associates is committed to bringing the best interests of the tenant or buyer to the negotiating table and can provide a team which works exclusively for the tenant or the buyer.commercial real estate denver office space in denver office space in denver

Bringing Experience and Insight to the Denver Commercial Real Estate Market
Paulette Wray began her career in Honolulu, Hawaii working with both tenants and landlords, especially on long term projects such as the lease up of a 500,000 square foot newly constructed CBD office complex. In addition, she was the exclusive agent for a 250,000 square foot office tower, successfully increasing the office space occupancy by 40% while maintaining tenant stability through renewals.
For the past 14 years, Wray has specialized in tenant and buyer representation in the Denver Front Range market. Wray & Associates has no affiliation with office building owners. The exclusive relationship with the tenant or buyer establishes a commitment to provide detailed office space market analysis and aggressive negotiations for the client. Paulette is recognized for her professionalism and attention to detailed follow through.
Wray is a native of Colorado and a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Helping Commercial Tenants Navigate the Ever Increasing Complexity of Signing Office Space Lease Agreements

The local economy is slowly recovering, and when it comes to commercial real estate, Denver tenants are still in a relatively favorable position to negotiate terms on new leases or renewing a current lease. Many tenants, however, do not have the detailed knowledge of the market required to capitalize on these circumstances. The market for office and industrial space in Denver is tightening but tenants do not perceive it as such.  This highlights the value in being represented exclusively by Wray & Associates. Wray & Associates can help you assess your space and facility requirements at the very beginning of the process of acquiring new Denver office or industrial space. Knowing exactly what you need will improve decision making every step of the way.
Wray & Associates then conducts market research using various databases to find the properties that meet your price and location criteria. Once the desired property is found, our experience and knowledge of the Denver commercial real estate market will prove invaluable when negotiations begin. The ability to secure this location under terms that reflect the reality of the “tenant or buyer market” of today has eluded many tenants or buyers who enter negotiations without a brokerage advisor with expertise in the field of commercial real estate. Denver office and industrial tenants or buyers are encouraged to contact Wray & Associates about their services and experience. If you are scouting areas outside the Denver metro area such as Englewood, Lakewood, Aurora, Boulder or Wheatridge, our services will also be applicable to your needs.

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